Gnosis Chain Hits 200M Transactions Milestone, Recording Over 55% Growth In Transactions And Users Year-On-Year

April 11, 2024

In reaching the 200 million transactions mark, Gnosis Chain validates its real-world utility as a payments network, whose financial infrastructure is powered by a blockchain-based technology stack. 

Commenting on the milestone, Martin Koppelman, Co-Founder of Gnosis, said, “Surpassing 200 million transactions underscores the growing adoption and practical application of Gnosis Chain, affirming our path towards realizing Gnosis 3.0 which aims to bridge the gap between blockchain technology and practical, everyday applications for the masses. By providing top-tier bridges to traditional payment systems, optimal liquidity for stablecoin exchanges, and facilitating seamless integrations of esteemed DeFi projects such as Aave, Spark, and Balancer, Gnosis continues to push peer-to-peer payments and open financial rails towards consumer adoption, in line with Satoshi’s grand vision.”

This milestone follows a series of updates from Gnosis signaling its remarkable growth in 2024 alone. Earlier this month, Gnosis Venture Studios, the venture-building arm of Gnosis, launched uRamp to facilitate transactions between onchain assets and fiat currencies. Within the same month, Gnosis implemented the Dencun hard fork on Gnosis Chain two days ahead of Ethereum. Gnosis Chain also crossed 200,000 validators as the second-largest global blockchain validator community at the start of March.

Looking ahead, Gnosis is gearing up for a period of growth focused on AI agents and payments. Gnosis’ AI ecosystem is growing day by day and in previous months, more than half of all Safe transactions on Gnosis Chain were generated by autonomous services. Meanwhile, Gnosis Pay has launched the Gnosis Card for users’ daily expenses, meaning that payments-based transactions have been added to Gnosis Chain. Additionally, DeFi blue chip projects such as Aave, Spark, and Balancer have been integrated into Gnosis Chain, with a corresponding uptick in DeFi activity. 

All these developments indicate how the Gnosis network is being used across different areas, which will be showcased at its annual flagship event, DappCon, on the 21st to 23rd of May in Berlin, Germany.

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