Gnosis Chain Hits 200,000 Validators!

March 1, 2024

Since its launch in 2021, Gnosis Chain has been a critical companion to extending Ethereum. Born out of Consensys, Gnosis is at the forefront of Ethereum development and a critical advocate for the Ethereumverse values of decentralization, credible neutrality and resilience. Gnosis utilizes the same architecture as Ethereum, and is committed to contributing to the research, engineering and tooling for Ethereum's stack.

Distinguished by its accessibility for network validation, Gnosis Chain offers a significant departure from Ethereum's 32 ETH requirement for home staking. A single GNO token is all that's needed to validate on Gnosis Chain, making it accessible for home-based validators using standard hardware, including DappNode setups or custom projects on NUC hardware. This inclusive design philosophy has propelled Gnosis Chain to become a leading network in terms of validator count and network decentralization, second only to Ethereum.

The table below highlights the comparative landscape of network decentralization;

Gnosis Chain also extends substantial incentives to its validators, including robust community support and an annual percentage yield (APY) of approximately 13% throughout 2023 and into early 2024.

Armagan Ercan, Validator Lead at Gnosis, expressed enthusiasm for the future, stating, “In 2024, we’re at the brink of blockchain’s transition into broad market applications. From facilitating payments to redefining identity and empowering AI agents, Gnosis is at the forefront, crafting scalable solutions that resonate with the foundational values of the Ethereum community. Crossing the 200k validator mark is not just a milestone; it's a testament to our community's commitment to building this future.

Looking forward to 2024, Gnosis is leveraging the decentralisation of Gnosis Chain to launch and grow Gnosis Pay,  a self custodied electronic cash system that is built on the core values of early crypto. Additionally, Gnosis Chain is scheduled to perform the Dencun upgrade on March 11, 2024 - two days ahead of Ethereum, a notable achievement that secures Gnosis Chain’s 1:1 parity with Ethereum. Dencun will significantly increase the scalability and efficiency of both Gnosis Chain and Ethereum. 2024 will also see the launch of the Shutterized Gnosis Chain, an encrypted mempool on Gnosis Chain, marking a huge step towards making Gnosis Chain fundamentally more censorship and MEV resistant.

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About Gnosis

Gnosis is building a future where global payments are settled via community-owned, secure and open infrastructure. A cheap, secure and community-owned alternative to the legacy stack, Gnosis helps crypto builders solve real-world problems at global scale and legacy institutions to rewire and reset the plumbing in a more cost-effective and efficient manner. Gnosis is developed by a world-class team of leading forces in blockchain and payments. Gnosis Chain is built with community ownership, resilience and credible neutrality at its core. The highly decentralised network is secured by 200K validators and 2K+ nodes, across 70 countries and 5 continents.

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