Why Stake on Gnosis Chain?

May 26, 2023
John Szczepaniak

Recently we’ve seen the number of validators per country tick up! Geographic diversity is a key component of our long-term mission of being the most secure and credibly neutral blockchain. That’s only possible if the network is secured by a diverse community of validators scattered around the globe.

Map of Gnosis Chain validators around the globe.

Currently, our node count by country clocks in at 76. While that’s an impressive number, we’re still missing another 119 counties . To achieve the goal of having at least one node in every country around the world, the Gnosis Builders designed the Gnosis Validator Incentive Program (VIP). If you live in a country not yet on this map, check out all the bounties and incentives for spinning up a validator through the GnosisVIP.

Why stake?

Reasons you might decide to (or not to) stake on Gnosis Chain.

A blockchain network is a new form of computation - one that has the ability to make guarantees about its future state. On a Proof-of-Stake blockchain network, validators commit stake to attest (or 'validate') blocks into existence. Once a block is deemed valid, it becomes a single true record of the network's data history. By operating a node you ensure that no single entity or group has complete control over the network. You contribute to the creation of a decentralized and resilient system.

If you’re a developer, building on such a network means that your application will reliably function as intended into the future. In contrast to the benefits that blockchain technology offers with regards to credible neutrality, web2 applications are built on proprietary, third party APIs with gated access. The risk of being de-platformed for a web2 developer is a very real and looming problem.

Maybe you’re a user who values credible neutrality and accessibility.

By running a node or simply staking your GNO, you contribute to the security and resilience of Gnosis Chain. Oh and you earn a yield while doing it… a win, win! 

In the next article we’ll show you the different ways that you can stake your GNO, secure Gnosis Chain and contribute to its resilience!

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