Shapella Upgrade Activated

August 2, 2023

At 11:34 UTC on August 1, 2023 / Epoch 648704 / Slot: 10379264 the Shapella upgrade was successfully activated on Gnosis Chain! 

Participation dropped from 96% to 90%, a display of strong coordination and a high participation rate from node runners and stakers. A huge thank you to all the node runners and stakers who updated accordingly. The Shapella upgrade was successful because of you!

Shapella enables withdrawals for staked GNO, marking a major milestone and significant step forward in the evolution of Gnosis Chain. Staking on Gnosis Chain allows you to participate in securing the network while earning rewards. Only 1 GNO is required and the process is user-friendly. Gnosis Chain is a community-run chain secured by thousands of at-home stakers around the world. It is a credibly neutral, resilient network owned and secured by the community of builders and users that utilize its infrastructure.

Gnosis Chain’s Beacon Chain architecture means that compatibility with Ethereum is locked in. All future EIPs can be implemented on Gnosis Chain. Gnosis Chain upgrades can also be implemented on Ethereum, should it prove to be valuable to the broader ecosystem. 

Thank you to all the Gnosis Chain core devs and client teams who worked so diligently to ensure a successful Shapella upgrade.

See you on-chain! 

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