Gnosis Launches Genome Naming Service, Extending ENS for Web3 Identity within Gnosis and Wider Web3 Ecosystem

May 16, 2024

Gnosis proudly announces the launch of Genome, an innovative digital ID service native to Gnosis Chain. Developed in collaboration with SpaceID, a Web3 domain and identity platform, and the Web3 messaging protocol dm3, Genome simplifies the process of sending and receiving transactions within the Gnosis ecosystem by converting complex wallet addresses into human-readable names.

“The launch of Genome domains is pivotal in making our vision of a more inclusive, fair world, supported by accessible open infrastructure, a reality.”

With Genome, users can claim ownership of their names and utilize them as their Web3 passports. This service automatically synchronizes across Gnosis dApps, communities, and social networks, providing a unified identity and login for various services. Notably, Genome is fully compatible with the Ethereum Name Service (ENS), allowing users to claim two domain names simultaneously (.GNO and .gnosis.eth). These domains point to the same address, leveraging a dm3-developed smart contract to link GNO domains with ENS across all ENS-integrated dApps and Gnosis chain integrations.

Genome’s deep integration with applications on Gnosis Chain, including Gnosis Pay, Circles, Blockscout, and NiftyFair, ensures a consistent identity across multiple platforms, enhancing interoperability and user experience.

Launching Genome and enabling our ecosystem users to claim their .GNO domain name is a crucial step towards realizing Gnosis’ mission of creating accessible open infrastructure for the decentralized internet. - Friederike Ernst, Co-Founder of Gnosis.

To learn more about registering for a .GNO or .gnosis.eth username, visit

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