⚔️ 🦉 Gnosis Chain Weekly · 11 November 2022

November 20, 2022

It was a week of wild and deeply unfortunate news. The recent events have only highlighted why a credibly neutral, permissionless network is of critical importance. While such systems might not completely solve the problem of collusion and greed, the elimination of intermediators certainly makes it harder for those pernicious behaviors to thrive.

With auspicious timing, the Gateway.fm team joined us for the Gnosis community call on Thursday. Gateway provides multi-chain, geographically-distributed enterprise infrastructure built for speed, scale and stability. 

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By offering a federated infrastructure, Gateway brings Gnosis one step closer to building the most resilient and unstoppable public blockchain available.

Curious about how everything has impacted Gnosis? Query the blockchain, fren. These boots are battle tested and our conviction has never been stronger.

Chiado Testnet Scheduled for Maintenance

GnosisDAO Community Call with Gateway.fm

Gateway.fm joined us for our community call this week. Gateway.fm provides public RPC for the Gnosis ecosystem. They’ve deployed an archival RPC on the Chiado testnet which is available here (http://rpc.eu-central-2.gateway.fm/v3/gnosis/archival/chiado). Gateway.fm has also been testing bridges post-merge along with starting a launchpad for individual stakers on Gnosis.

Gnosis Builders Are Live 🏗️

Gnosis Builders supports the development of tools, resources and programs to advance the Gnosis Chain ecosystem.

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Gnosis Builders @gnosisbuilders
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Updates 🦉

Erigon Continues to Push Updates

The most recent Erigon update includes a fix for issues in the AuRa implementation for Gnosis Chain.

DAO2DAO Swaps With Hedgey

The Graph Is Mulit-Chain Starting With Gnosis Chain

HOPR x The Graph x Gnosis Chain

Validate on Gnosis Chain With GetBlock

Azuro Hits New Milestone

🙏 Praise Reward System

Praise is live on the Gnosis Chain Discord! Praise is a reward system paid in $GNO to incentivize at-home validators. If you’re a validator make sure that you have the ‘Gnosis Chain Validator’ role on the Gnosis Chain Discord. Drop by the #validator channel and ask for the role.

Gnosis DAO

Did you know that anyone can post a GIP on the Gnosis Forum? Join our Discord and we'll show you how. For a full overview, be sure to head over to the forum.

GnosisDAO Forum🦉

Should GnosisDAO fund Cheq Protocol - A modular, extensible liquid escrow protocol? (Phase 1 GIP)

Our protocol allows users to send NFT “cheqs” that can function as either escrows or invoices. By leveraging the widely supported ERC721 standard, cheqs can be collected, traded, aggregated, collateralized, and more.

The Cheq Protocol team is seekingn 50,000 DAI for support.

Should GnosisDAO retroactively fund POKT-powered Public RPC endpoints for Gnosis Chain?

Pocket Network 1 is a decentralized, multi-chain, middleware protocol focused on the RPC layer. The native POKT token forms an autonomous, permissionless two-sided marketplace between web3 applications and blockchain nodes.

Recent Snapshot Activity ⚡️

GIP-71: Should GnosisDAO support hosted Blockscout explorer for Chiado testnet? Voting closes in 5 days on Nov 16, 2022

Chiado testnet is an important new part of the Gnosis ecosystem as a developer testnet. A reliable explorer is required for developers to be productive on Gnosis. A Blockscout instance should be set up as soon as possible to support Chiado now and into the future.

GIP-70: Should GnosisDAO pass a Grant Proposal to partner with Gateway.fm? 🟢 Passed Quorum on Nov 2, 2022

Gateway.fm is a distributed blockchain infrastructure company. Our mission is to provide enterprise-grade blockchain infrastructure at scale, distributed around the world, in a portable way.

Gateway.fm team will be supported with a significant grant of 1mil DAI upfront, 2mil DAI and 20k GNO vested over 3 years allowing us to focus on the Gnosis Chain.

🏔 of the Week

A few weekly tidbits highlighting regular goings on.

🏘 DAO of the Week: LabDAO

LabDAO enables sharing of open research tools among its community of scientists and engineers. This is done via LabExchange – a marketplace protocol enabling members within the community to exchange services with one another.

Their plan is to start with computational services and gradually expand to include all forms of research resources and wet labs.

By having resources and research on-chain, LabDAO indirectly bootstraps a knowledge graph. This establishes scientific provenance by letting researchers know if an experiment has been done before, learn about its results and reproduce it if needed. To learn more follow them on Twitter @lab_dao

Azuro’s Bet of the Week on bookmaker.XYZ

It’s time for the weekly check-in with Azuro Protocol and their first betting front-end, bookmaker.xyz. 

Let’s head over to Italy for Serie A on the Lecce - Atalanta BC game. One of our savvy bettors put 50 xDAI on Lecce FC to win in Full-Time Result. He must have caught something the rest of us didn’t as he doubled down, increasing his bet size by another 50 xDAI. Of course, Lecce came out victorious, and at odds of 4.32/4.06, this bettor bagged himself a 423 xDAI win! Drinks are most definitely on him (And firm handshakes of course).

The World Cup kicks off next week on 20/11/2022. This is by far the biggest sporting event of the year. Stay tuned to our social media because finishing this year with a bang!

🙏 Thank you

Come say hello in the Gnosis Chain Discord. Join us for the next GnosisDAO Community Call on the 10th of December 8th at 5PM CET, GnosisDAO Twitter Spaces.

See you on-chain,
Gnosis Chain Team

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