DappCon 2024 Review

June 21, 2024

DappCon 2024 wrapped up this year with record ticket sales and attendance. Thank you to the Gnosis community, to our sponsors and speakers who made DappCon a standout event on the Ethereum conference circuit. DappCon 2024 emphasized openness and accessibility in digital infrastructure and the internet across seven themed tracks; Infrastructure/Scalability, AI, DeFi, Payments, RWA, Privacy, and User Adoption. DappCon is an important yearly event for the Gnosis community - a diverse group of people dedicated to accelerating the adoption of Ethereum. Berlin, as a significant location for Ethereum's inception, is also an ideal location for our community to convene year after year.

For Gnosis, DappCon was an opportunity to showcase the state of its ecosystem with the official launch of Metri along with keynote presentations about Circles and Gnosis Pay. After years of building resilient and open infrastructure, Gnosis is finally in a position to offer the public highly usable products built on top of its battle tested tech stack.

Built on Gnosis Chain, Metri offers reliable self-custodial management of crypto assets. As an onchain self-custodial wallet operating within the Gnosis ecosystem, Metri allows a wider set of users to access decentralized financial applications.

Metri’s onboarding and transaction authorization processes are streamlined through Passkey integration, leveraging WebAuthn, while Web3 Connectivity enables seamless interaction with decentralized protocols and exchanges.

“The unveiling of Metri signifies a pivotal moment in the Gnosis 3.0 roadmap, marking the transition from infrastructure development to user-centric, onchain application,” Gnosis co-founder Friederike Ernst said. “As the gateway to this new era, Metri embodies our vision of democratizing the benefits of DeFi, serving as a comprehensive mobile-first solution on decentralized and open platforms.

While research and development will always be a primary driving force for Gnosis, the current Gnosis 3.0 roadmap is focused on user adoption and growth. Metri provides a low friction onboarding experience to other core Gnosis products like Gnosis Pay, Circles, and CowSwap. Our community can also register their chosen identity across all of these applications by using GNO domains, a recently launched product from Gnosis called Genome.

Critically, DappCon 2024, as it does every year, allows Gnosis and the wider Ethereum community to convene and discuss the extent to which we've embraced the foundational values of access, privacy and credible neutrality in the infrastructure and products that we're collectively building. Values that are implicit to a world that we're building because we believe that it has something of real substance for everyone, regardless of their identity, economic power or station of birth.

If you'd like to view recordings of all DappCon 2024 videos, click here!

Circles 2.0

Martin Koppelmann outlined the vision for Circles 2.0 at DappCon including a proposal for how Gnosis can perform a large scale growth program combining the use of Circles and GNO incentives. Circles is a decentralized social monetary system built on personal currencies and a trust-based social graph.

Amidst DappCon and a flurry of Gnosis Chain announcements, community members started to connect the dots and speculate on where Gnosis is headed.

Vitalik Buterin joined Gnosis co-founder Friederike Ernst for a surprise fireside chat. The two discussed the adoption of crypto and took questions from the audience.


Sebastian Burgel, new VP of Technology at the GnosisDAO, announced the launch of GnosisVPN at DappCon - the first Web3-era VPN powered by the HOPR mixnet.

Evan Griffiths from the Gnosis Labs gave a talk about AI agents and prediction markets on Gnosis Chain.

Ethereum OG and burner wallet extraordinaire, Austin Griffith entertained the crowd with a demo about Scaffold ETH and the work that BuildGuidl is doing to onboard more developers into the Ethereum ecosystem. BuildGuidl is a curated group of Ethereum builders creating products, prototypes, and tutorials to enrich the Web3 ecosystem.

Rotki founder, Lefteris Karapetsas, gave a talk about local first software and why crypto has struggled to scale. Rotki is an open source portfolio management app that protects your privacy.

Peter Van Valkenburgh, Director of Research Coin Center, talked about the Tornado Cash case and it's implications for the Ethereum ecosystem.

The Epicenter podcast recorded an episode at DappCon featuring Friederike Ernst, Brian Fabian Crain, Austin Griffith, Mona El Isa and Peter Van Valkenburgh about the pending Ethereum ETF and if its impact on Web3's mission and values.

That's a wrap! Thank you to everyone who made DappCon 2024 such a success! See you next year! If you attended DappCon this year or tuned in via our livestream, we'd love to hear from you!

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