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Gnosis is democratizing payments and financial services through bridging the gap between blockchain's technical potential and everyday users' practical needs, making decentralized financial tools accessible and usable for all.

Open Applications and Infrastructure
for the New Economy

Gnosis Pay

Gnosis Pay is the world's first decentralized payment network, giving users the ability to retain ownership of their assets while conveniently spending their crypto anywhere Visa is accepted. Built on the Safe SDK, pioneers in self-custody multi-sig wallets, Gnosis Pay allows users to become their own truly self-custodial bank.

Circles is a decentralized social monetary system built on personal currencies and a trust-based social graph. Using a unique issuance mechanism, each participant generates one Circle (or 'CRC') every hour, unconditionally. The system encourages spending through a 7% annualized demurrage (tax). Circles represents a new form of money designed to democratize finance and empower communities.

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Gnosis Wallet

Gnosis Wallet leverages account abstraction and advanced cryptography to create a web 2 like user experience without compromising on security.

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Hashi is an EVM Hash Oracle Aggregator, designed to facilitate a principled approach to cross-chain bridge security. Trust minimized bridges for cross-chain transactions are essential for delivering state of the art security to onchain payment rails.

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Gnosis Labs

Gnosis has a strong history of innovation and Gnosis Labs is where we iterate and unlock breakthroughs. Currently, Gnosis Labs is focused on AI-related activities, including agent-to-agent payments and prediction markets.

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GnosisVPN is a truly decentralized VPN built on top of the HOPR mixnet. HOPR is a decentralized and incentivized peer-to-peer mixnet open to anyone who wants to join and run a node.

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