Unlocking the Power of Balancer in DeFi on Gnosis Chain

March 20, 2023

Unlocking the Power of Balancer in DeFi on Gnosis Chain 

Balancer, a decentralized finance protocol, has revolutionized the DeFi landscape by providing access to secure infrastructure for liquidity applications. karpatkey, a well-known crypto treasury development team, has leveraged Balancer's algorithmic rebalancing, customizability, and boosted pools functionality, making it a powerful tool for managing assets in the rapidly growing DeFi ecosystem. Let’s explore further how Balancer's technology has empowered karpatkey to grow treasuries effectively on Ethereum and Gnosis Chain.

Balancer's Customizability & Performance

The karpatkey team benefits from Balancer's technology, which provides increased flexibility in creating custom pools of up to 8 different assets with various weightings. Balancer's superior performance compared to standard liquidity pools includes lower slippage, better pricing for trades, and the ability to route trades across multiple pools to find the best price and reduce costs. 

Balancer's Risk Management & Time-Saving Features

karpatkey values Balancer's risk management capabilities, including the automatic rebalancing of pools to maintain desired asset weightings and reduce risk. The customizable weightings of Balancer Pools can also result in lower price fluctuations compared to other liquidity pools. This is particularly useful for treasury management as it can help reduce the impact of price fluctuations on the pool's assets and the impact of impermanent loss. Additionally, Balancer's automatic rebalancing and customizable weightings help to save time, reducing the need for frequent adjustments and constant monitoring. Karpatkey is aware of the potential costs associated with using Balancer, such as higher gas fees or potential impermanent loss if the asset weightings are not set up correctly. Once the contracts are deployed on Gnosis Chain, gas costs will be minimal, eliminating those incurred costs.

Balancer’s Composability and Ecosystem

Through different integrations, Balancer enriches its value proposition for DeFi users. One of those integrations is Balancer "Boosted Pools', which are pools that hold interest accruing tokens from lending platforms. These pools improve capital efficiency and generate extra yield for the liquidity providers and Balancer DAO. Part of this yield is then utilized as incentives to drive gauge emissions to these pools. One of those pools that karpatkey leverages to generate value is Balancer’s Boosted Aave USD Pool (DAI/USDC/USDT), which currently has an APR range of 2.2% to 4.8%, surpassing other stable-coin protocols that generate between 0.1% - 1.9%.

Another great example of composability in Balancer’s ecosystem is Aura Finance. Through Aura’s social aggregation of voting and economic power, karpatkey is also able to increase generated yield on key Balancer pools. The platform also enables karpatkey to participate on Balancer’s governance and gauge voting, efficiently allocating voting power.

Beyond the Horizon 

Karpatkey is committed to revolutionizing the world of asset management by uniting ideologies of traditional finance with DeFi. By adding new and diverse assets on Balancer, and developing more integrations with a broader portfolio of protocols, karpatkey plans to emulate complex financial assets such as mutual funds and indexes.

In terms of developing the DeFi ecosystem, karpatkey and Balancer are working jointly to bring Balancer’s innovation to Gnosis Chain, including boosted pools through Gnosis Chain lending platform Agave. Key assets are going to be prioritized first, including GNO, WETH, WBTC, xDAI and USDC, in order to have Gnosis DeFi ecosystem thrive.

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