The Shanghai Upgrade and Gnosis Chain Staker Resource Guide

January 23, 2023

Last year was marked by The Merge on the Ethereum mainnet with Gnosis Chain following shortly after when the network merged with its own Gnosis Beacon Chain. This year Gnosis Chain development will continue to shadow Ethereum. The most immediate being the Shanghai and Capella upgrades taking place in late Q1 2023. 

Shanghai will enable GNO staking withdrawals for Gnosis Chain, as opposed to the current model which does not allow for staked GNO to be withdrawn. Gnosis Chain is capable of implementing this important upgrade due to its Beacon Chain, making it fully compatible with Ethereum post-Merge. Shanghai is the name given to the execution layer (EL) upgrade and Capella is the name of the coinciding consensus layer (CL) upgrade.

Staking on Gnosis Chain allows you to participate in securing the network while earning rewards. Only 1 GNO is required and the process is incredibly user-friendly. Running a node is perhaps the most profound way to contribute to a blockchain network. By running a node, you -are- the network. Together with other nodes run by others around the planet, you form part of a global network that is anti-fragile and resilient.

Gnosis has a stretch goal to have a node in every country by 2025.

1-click Tools:

  • DappNode User Guide

    Dappnode is a dashboard that abstracts away all the technical complexity of running a node. Users pick which client to run, and install and manage it with a click of a button. Users can purchase pre-configured hardware with Dappnode installed, or install it on any Linux machine.

  • Stereum (in progress)


Requirements vary client to client, for more detail see the associated system requirements below.

Execution Layer

Consensus Layer

Beacon Chain Explorers & Analytics

View your validator status on the Gnosis Beacon Chain explorer. To view your validator, you can search for it by using its public key.

Monitoring your Node(s)

Please see the Ethereum Setup Instructions for best monitoring practices. The following methods are available for Lighthouse and Prysm, but have not yet been verified on the Gnosis Beacon Chain. 

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