Join Humans of Gnosis and Buy DappCon Tickets with HoG Tokens!

June 7, 2023
Armagan Ercan

Hosted by Gnosis since 2018, DappCon has become a premier event for developers and blockchain professionals to gather, network, and stay informed about the latest trends in the ecosystem. With each passing year, DappCon continues to evolve and push boundaries, embracing new concepts and technologies.

In last year's edition, there was a significant emphasis on Universal Basic Income (UBI), reflecting the growing interest in exploring fair and equitable economic systems. A full day was dedicated to UBI, enabling attendees to delve deep into its principles, implementation, and potential impact on society.

This year, DappCon aims to build upon the UBI discussions of the previous edition and take it a step further. We are thrilled to announce that participants will have the opportunity to purchase their DappCon tickets using Circles UBI. Circles is an application on Gnosis Chain that seeks to create a fair global currency based on the principle of UBI. Unlike other UBI currencies that require authentication, Circles takes a different approach. Anyone can sign up at any time, allowing for multiple registrations. However, each user creates their own individual token at a rate of 1 CRC per hour. Simply signing up and creating new tokens without connections does not provide any advantage. The value of Circles lies in connecting with others through trust. Trusting means agreeing to exchange Circles with another person.

By accepting Circles UBI as a form of payment, DappCon embraces the concept of inclusive and decentralized currencies. This innovative approach removes barriers to participation, allowing individuals to leverage their earned UBI tokens to access and participate in the conference. It represents a tangible step towards building an ecosystem where individuals have the autonomy to use alternative currencies in their daily lives.

To purchase DappCon tickets, we are introducing an exciting new Circles group currency called, Humans of Gnosis (HoG). HoG is a list of trusted Circles accounts and an exciting addition to Cirlces that goes beyond the peer-to-peer layer. 

To join HoG, the rule is simple: 

  1. Active participation in the Gnosis ecosystem, such as occasional forum posting, is required.
  2. Backing your personal CRC token with at least 1 GNO is necessary. Specifically, establishing an automated market maker (AMM) liquidity pool between your CRC and 1 GNO serves this purpose.

It is possible to mint HoG tokens even if you are not part of the HoG group provided that you possess trust connections within the community. In the subsequent sections, we will provide a step-by-step explanation of the process involved in minting HoG tokens and becoming a member of the HoG group.

How to mint HoG tokens

Step 1: Create a Circles Account

To get started, visit and create your Circles account. During the registration process, you'll need to find three individuals who are already participating in Circles and are willing to trust you.

Step 2: Your Safe

Once you have a Circles account, it's important to understand that your Circles Identity is a Gnosis Safe. Although only allows Circles-related actions, you can load your Circles identity into a web-based Safe interface or a mobile app for executing transactions on the Gnosis Chain.

Note: Replace the placeholder URL with the actual URL corresponding to your Circles Safe.

Step 3: Interacting with Your Safe

  • Go back to
  • Use the first address, which is the device address.
  • Transfer a small amount of xDai to this account.
  • Visit 
  • The app will guide you through the next steps.
  • Connect the app with the Externally Owned Account (EOA) you want to add as an owner to your Safe.
  • Follow the instructions on the Circles DappCon app to connect your EOA.
  • Import your Circles seed phrase from the settings of the Circles app.
  • Copy the seed phrase into the Circles DappCon app and confirm.
  • Once your Safe is displayed in the Circles DappCon app, select it from the available options.
  • Follow the prompts or instructions provided by the app to confirm the addition of a new owner.
  • Go back to 

Note: Replace the placeholder URL with the actual URL corresponding to your Circles Safe.

  • Observe the newly added EOA as a new owner in the Safe app.

Step 4: Mint HoG

Go back to 

You should now be able to mint HoG tokens.

  • Follow the instructions provided in the app to mint your desired amount of HoG tokens. 

Steps 1-4 is all that is required to just mint "HoG" and potentially use it to buy e.g. a Dappcon ticket. 

Note, the amount of HoG you can mint depends on your trust connections and duration since you joined the Circles platform. In order to pay for a full ticket you should have been registered for about 125 days. If you are unable to mint the full 1200 HoG tokens, you have the option to exchange some xDai for HoG on Cowswap.

Step 5: Buy a DappCon23 ticket 

If you have 1200 HoG, you can now visit our Event Page and acquire your DappCon23 ticket using your UBI. 

Step 6-7 describes the process to become a member of HoG. This will ensure that you can always convert your own CRC into HoG - otherwise you are dependent on having trust connections to HoG members. If you are a HoG member it will also enable people you trust to mint HoG.

Joining Humans of Gnosis Group

Step 6: Adding Liquidity to Your CRC Token 

To become a member of the Humans of Gnosis (HoG) group and have the ability to convert your CRC into HoG tokens, follow these steps:

  • Send 1 GNO to your Circles Safe.
  • Ensure you have 1 GNO available on the Gnosis Chain.
  • Return to the Safe app.
  • Connect the EOA you just added as an owner of the Safe with the Safe app.
  • Visit Swapr.
  • Connect your Safe with Swapr using Wallet Connect.
  • Select "Liquidity" in the upper menu.
  • Choose "Add Liquidity" to start creating a new pool.
  • As the first token, enter your CRC token address.
  • Retrieve your CRC token address from and enter it as the first token in the pool creation process.
  • As the second token, add GNO
  • Set the exchange rate for CRC/GNO.
  • Configure the exchange rate for CRC/GNO (1 CRC = ~0.25$).
  • To add 1 GNO, you should add approximately 456 CRC, assuming a price of $114 for GNO.

Note the value of GNO can vary please adjust accordingly.

  • Choose "Add Liquidity" to start creating a new pool.
  • Approve the Tokens and confirm the transaction in the Safe app.
  • Add the liquidity by providing final approval and confirming the transaction in the Safe app.
  • After completing the liquidity addition process, your pool should be successfully established and ready for trading.

Step 7: Become a HoG member

Add yourself to the relevant HoG group sheet to enable a group admin to add you to the Humans of Gnosis group.


By following these steps, you can mint HoG tokens and join the Humans of Gnosis group. The introduction of group currencies adds a new dimension to Circles, providing opportunities for community-driven economies and enabling exciting possibilities like purchasing Dappcon tickets with HoG tokens. 

Join the decentralized revolution of trust, collaboration, and fair currency issuance with Circles and HoG tokens. If you have any further questions please contact us via Discord.

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