Gnosis Core Devs Call Notes January 25, 2023

January 25, 2023
Armagan Ercan

Call Info

Hello everyone from the weekly Gnosis Core Devs Call. This meeting is repeated on Wednesday every week. Watch on Gnosis Chain YouTube

Participants: Erigon, Gateway, Nethermind, Gnosis DevOps, Gnosis Core Devs, Gnosis Comms team and the contributors.


  • Shanghai upgrades details from Nethermind
  • RPC updates from Gateway
  • Suggestion from Stefan: Increase base fee to 1GWEI?

Let's take a look at the core devs call updates.


  • Chiado: Might be finished this month
  • Mainnet: Erigon got stuck while syncing mainnet twice, reboot helped
  • Also affects other networks
  • Not seen in 2.36.1 yet
  • Work going on for withdrawals (for Ethereum mainnet)
  • We should review the specs for Gnosis when everyone is back, because there’s some new context


  • Launched archival RPC (Gnosis mainnet)
  • Will launch a website with the new public RPC
  • Launching checkpoint sync for Chiado (probably today)
  • Fixed an issue with the rate limiter that was too eager
  • Looking into looking a bridge validator on Chiado, and then on mainnet
  • Waiting for Giacomo to accept traffic on the RPC


  • Implementation for withdrawals on Gnosis (and mainnet)
  • Only missing part is the smart contract used for withdrawals
  • Stefan: Ihor will write the contracts (WIP, ETA: 1 month)

    Stefan: Increase base fee to 1GWEI?
  • Allows us to make constant spamming very costly. Currently it is too cheap.
  • Current base fee: 7 wei -> extremely cheap to spam the network for a long time
  • Increasing the base fee to 1 gwei would make it expensive to spam the network even for 10 minutes
  • Would require a simple hard fork, which could be included in another hard fork

    Jorge (Nethermind)
  • No strong opinion
  • The computation limit is bound by the gas limit anyways
  • Sustained loads would increase the gas price exponentially as per EIP-1559
  • On Chiado, a spam of 30 - 60 minutes increased the base fee to hundreds of gwei
  • The main idea is to prevent nefarious actors to put relevant transactions on hold for some time, which would degrade user experience

Gnosis DevOps

  • Chiado RPC routing implemented (testing with Gateway), then mainnet
  • 2 Chiado long-term bootnodes
  • Update configs

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