⚔️ 🦉 Gnosis Chain Weekly · 7 April 2023

April 7, 2023
Gnosis Own Hacker

Human competitiveness has long been a catalyst for progress in society, and within the realm of blockchain technology, hackathons serve as a prime example of this dynamic in action. This week marked the start and end of multiple competitions including the end of the fastest and most competitive MEV bot..

Let’s jump into this weeks recap!

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Everyone loves a good sandwich, unless it's on the blockchain. Take a look at what the Cowswap and BevearBuild teams did in conjunction with Agnostic Relay.


The end of a 30 day sprint, and  over 100 submissions, the  Safe March for  Account Abstraction Hackathon concludes. Teams showcased their skills and ingenuity to tackle onboarding challenges in the crypto sphere.

Don't forget to check out the winners.

With only one week of an official release of a headless oracle bridge, their was a project that placed in the EthGlobal Hackathon. 

New hackathon awaits new participants, check it out!


New DeFi site from the Gnosis Builders 

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Gnosis Builders @gnosisbuilders
We're thrilled to announce the launch of GnosisDeFi.com the next addition to our @gnosischain ecosystem directory!🦉 This community-led initiative enables anyone to list their own projects and explore DeFi protocols that they may not have known about before.

Gnosis Guild Quarterly 

Shutterize Beacon Chain Talks with Friederike Ernst at #ETHPrivacy2023 

Stereum Ecosystem Wednesday Call Record

Juicy blocks by CoinSever

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