⚔️ 🦉 Gnosis Chain Weekly · 25 November 2022

November 25, 2022

This week we’ve compiled a list of all the most critical resources ahead of Gnosis Beacon Chain/Gnosis Chain merge. If you’re a node runner you’ll want to pay close attention. The Merge is currently scheduled for ~ Wednesday the 7th of December 2022. Please be sure to update your nodes before November 30th.

Let’s go! 🚀👇🚀👇🚀👇

Gnosis is released its first official merge-ready clients on Nov 23rd, 2022 in preparation for the Merge (scheduled ~7th December 2022).

Community members are encouraged to upgrade their clients by the Bellatrix epoch on 30th November, and will need to run both an Execution Layer (EL) client and a Consensus Layer client (CL).

Execution Layer client

Nethermind 1.14.6: https://github.com/NethermindEth/nethermind/releases/tag/1.14.6

Consensus Layer client

Teku v22.11.0: https://github.com/ConsenSys/teku/releases/tag/22.11.0

Lodestar v1.2.2: https://github.com/ChainSafe/lodestar/releases/tag/v1.2.2

🟡 Lighthouse: coming soon

🟡 Nimbus: coming soon

Prysm: advised to switch to other clients

Dappnode Images

🟡 Dappnode images: coming soon

Validators running Prysm should be prepared to switch to one of the merge ready clients, as a Gnosis-compatible Prysm will not be available pre-merge. Instructions for switching from Prysm to a new client are available here: https://docs.prylabs.network/docs/advanced/switch-clients

Merge Details: https://docs.gnosischain.com/specs/hard-forks/merge

Update your nodes before November 30th

Validators running Prylabs take note ~ your nodes are not compatible pre-merge! You must switch to a new client. More info below 👇👇👇

Gnosis Builders Resource Guide

Getting started on Gnosis Chain is simple. Get started with a deep dive from Gnosis Builders 👇👇👇

Gnosis Builders also rolled out a new website aggregating all of the relevant analytics and metrics for the Gnosis Chain ecosystem.

Gnosis Scan Contract Verification

Keep funds safe and avoid testing in production with smart contract verification with Gnosis Scan 👷

Job Opportunities with Gnosis 🤝🏽

We’re building the infrastructure for the open-internet. A resilient and credibly neutral network open to anyone without privilege or prejudice. Be a part of a team leading the web3 movement!

Project Updates 🦉

MakerDAO adds $GNO

In coordination with Karpatkey, GnosisDAO recently authored a post on the Maker Forum proposing to lock $GNO in a new Maker Vault. The Maker Vault is a core component of the Maker Protocol, which facilitates the generation of Dai against locked up collateral. Vault usage collectively alters the total supply of Dai. Users create Dai by generating it against their collateral and in-turn destroy Dai when repaying their generated Dai balance. The Dai generated from the $GNO vault will be used to support the Gnosis Chain ecosystem.

DexGuru is live on Gnosis Chain

Twitter avatar for @dexguru
DexGuru 🧘‍♂️ @dexguru
We're happy to announce Dex.Guru is live on GnosisChain 🔥 What is DexGuru? ✅ Charting with TradingView 📈 ✅ On-chain analytics ✅ Effective order routing @GnosisDAO @gnosischain

Bookmaker.xyz & World Cup 2022

Our friends from @bookmakerxyz have setup a massive competition for the World Cup in Qatar! If you want to try out pure smart-contract betting on @azuroprotocol - there’s no better time.

🙏 Praise Reward System

Praise is live on the Gnosis Chain Discord! Praise is a reward system paid in $GNO to incentivize at-home validators. If you’re a validator make sure that you have the ‘Gnosis Chain Validator’ role on the Gnosis Chain Discord. Drop by the #validator channel and ask for the role.

Gnosis DAO

Did you know that anyone can post a GIP on the Gnosis Forum? Join our Discord and we'll show you how. For a full overview, be sure to head over to the forum.

GnosisDAO Forum🦉

GIP-72: Should GnosisDAO fund Common Ground to support onboarding DAOs to the Gnosis Chain Ecosystem? [Phase-2]

This proposal would fund Common Ground, the all-in-one communication & governance platform for DAOs & Communities. Built as a public good, Common Ground supports the onboarding of DAOs and web3 communities to the Gnosis Chain ecosystem.

🏔 of the Week

A few weekly tidbits highlighting regular goings on.

🏘 DAO of the Week: Opolis

Opolis is a digital employment cooperative that allows independent workers to “own their employment”.

Opolis members enjoy benefits packages that are typically only available through traditional employment. As a cooperative, Opolis can compete with the public exchange while offering payroll, health, dental, vision, 401K, HSA and FSA benefits.

Opolis is structured as a C-corp with an “employment DAO” commons underpinned by permissioned membership and the $WORK token. Tokenized rewards are available to members who utilize the service and refer friends.

They currently serve members in the USA, with service expanding to Canada next year.

Learn more about Opolis at opolis.co

Azuro’s Bet of the Week on bookmaker.XYZ

It’s time for the weekly check-in with Azuro Protocol and their first betting front-end, bookmaker.xyz.

The World Cup is here! We’re hosting the biggest decentralized betting competition ever, with up to $50,000 prize pool, daily giveaways, and exclusive NFTs available with Galxe!

It’s been quite a start to the World Cup so far. With the Argentina upset, bettors are definitely starting to take advantage of the underdogs. Germany - Japan was another controversial upset, and bettors did take full advantage. We had numerous bets for Japan with odds well above 6; bettors are definitely enjoying the biggest sporting event of the year!

🙏 Thank you

Come say hello in the Gnosis Chain Discord. Join us for the next GnosisDAO Community Call on the 10th of December 8th at 5PM CET, GnosisDAO Twitter Spaces.

See you on-chain,
Gnosis Chain Team

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