⚔️ 🦉 Gnosis Chain Weekly · 21 April 2023

April 21, 2023


Have you ever considered how many steps are needed to create and operate an EOA?

Create Account → Store Private Key → Ramp Funds → Transfer Funds→ Initiate Tx → Pay Gas → Confirm Tx

All of this becomes second nature to crypto natives, but it can seem like an Ironman Triathlon for newcomers. The beauty of Account Abstraction (AA) lies in its ability to allow smart contracts to perform similarly to Externally Owned Accounts (EOAs), but with significantly greater flexibility. Let's dive into this week's edition and explore the exciting possibilities that AA has unlocked!

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Linen wallet Layer3 Campaign

Explore the most recent quest hosted by Layer3.

Living on Chain with Safe

The Safe team recently hosted an AMA to demonstrate gasless transactions. Check out the video from the event below👇

Gnosis Chain News & Updates

GnosisVIP - Validator Incentive Program

Over five million worth of GNO have been allocated to help increase node diversity on Gnosis chain, take a look and see if you are eligible here

Crypto Integrates Gnosis Chain

Supercharge your crypto enterprise, dApp, or DAO on Gnosis Chain with Cryptio’s effortless accounting software.

Forward Protocol

Experience Gnosis Chain on Forward, a no-code, customizable dApp builder that's as user-friendly as WordPress.


Boost the completion for various Web3 tasks in a decentralized way with this new Gnosis Chain integration.

Node Operator Corner

Tune in to the latest Gnosis Chain Core Devs Call

Node review from our validator community member igolle.btc

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