⚔️ 🦉 Gnosis Chain Weekly · 06 January 2023

January 6, 2023

Gnosis Chain steps into 2023 with a vibrant ecosystem! Looking to build on Gnosis this year? Check out the docs site and gnosis.io for all the necessary resources to get started. Gnosis Builders , the ecosystem team for Gnosis Chain, are actively coordinating business development should your project require support. This year will be full of milestones and adoption as we focus on addressing real world concerns. Let’s jump into this weeks update for the first week of 2023!

Gnosis Chain Docs Update + RPC Info 🌱

We recently pushed an update to the Gnosis Docs site along with refactoring the RPC pages with up-to-date information.

Gnosis Chain + EIP-484 🏗️

Having a beacon chain means that all future EIPs can be implemented on Gnosis Chain ~ without one it would be impossible to have full compatibility with Ethereum!

Nethermind Pushes Latest Update 🚀🚀🚀

The Nethermind team updated their chainspec & config so that the network sheds its former name and appears as Gnosis!

Gnosis Validator Custom Setup 😎

Check out this custom validator setup from our community member and Gnosis cat herder. Museum worthy!

Project Updates 🦉

$EURe/3CRV Curve Pool On Gnosis Chain ✨

Stereum Announces 1st 2023 Release With Support For Gnosis Chain ⛓️

Stereum is a tool to manage the process of setting up & maintaining an Ethereum node. Their latest release offers support for Gnosis Chain!

Minerva Wallet Adds Gnosis Chain 🤝🏽

Data Union Hits 500k Transactions On Gnosis Chain! 🎉

The mission of the Data Union DAO is to disrupt existing data business models by enabling people to sell their data with full transparency, control, and fair revenue sharing.

Gnosis DAO

Did you know that anyone can post a GIP on the Gnosis Forum? Join our Discord and we'll show you how. For a full overview, be sure to head over to the forum.

Recent Snapshot Activity ⚡️

GIP-74: Should GnosisDAO support Gnosischa.in Explorer hosted by beaconcha.in? Voting Concludes Jan 12, 2023

Gnosischa.in is an open source explorer that provides users with an easy and accessible way to explore the gnosis-chain.

GnosisDAO Forum🦉

Should GnosisDAO manage native bridge funds in a way that improves the Gnosis Chain ecosystem while managing risk properly?

This post is intended to generate a productive discussion about how to better utilize funds locked in native bridges. If the community signals interest and some degree of alignment in a way forward, this post should result in GIP on phase 2.

🏘 DAO of the Week: Creative Organizations DAO

Creative Organization DAO focuses on improving the creator economy by building blockchain-backed tools and platforms for creators.

They are developing several platforms and projects concurrently, including a gamified blockchain platform for independent creators, fans, and brands to collaborate directly and earn rewards using play to earn DeFi incentives.

They operate their DAO with DAOhaus infrastructure, Gnosis safes and snapshot voting on the Polygon blockchain. They were originally funded by Metacartel and Filecoin grants and have 26 members in the DAO.

If you’d like to learn more or get involved, check out lnk.bio/CRTV or follow them on Twitter @creativecrtv.

🙏 Thank you

Come say hello in the Gnosis Chain Discord. Join us for the next GnosisDAO Community Call on January 12th at 4PM UTC / 5PM CET with HOPR on the GnosisDAO Twitter Spaces.

See you on-chain,
Gnosis Chain Team

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