⚔️ 🦉 Gnosis Chain Weekly · 04 November 2022

November 20, 2022
credibly neutral system

This week Elon Musk made headlines with his acquisition of Twitter and calling himself a, “free speech absolutists”. Some believe that the social media platform should censor speech when it violates the community rules. Others believe that all content should be treated the same and the boundaries of speech online shouldn’t be determined by powerful tech companies. Should we not be wary of any centralized actor, be it the government or a wealthy individual, having so much control over who has the right to speak online?

If you’re an avid reader of the Gnosis Chain Weekly then the topic of censorship is not unfamiliar. Code is a form of speech - should there be restrictions and limitations placed on the dissemination of code?

In other news, the Chiado Testnet for Gnosis Chain is live as of today!

Updates 🦉

Nethermind’s Sedge simplifies node setup and saves you hours of reading and testing! 💥

Sedge takes care of the entire on-premise full node setup using generated docker-compose scripts based on your chosen client and desired configuration.

Whether it’s solo staking, testing your nodes and applications, or exposing the API and Checkpoint Sync endpoints, Sedge will have you running a full node or a validator on Ethereum or Gnosis in just a few minutes.

Try and contribute; it’s open source 🤩

Built in-house by Nethermind. 

Introduction to Sedge

Sedge repo

Run a Node or a Validator on Chiado

Succinct Labs releases the first demo of the zkBridge!🌉

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Succinct @SuccinctLabs
Proof-based interoperability is here 🪄. Announcing the first demo proof of consensus bridge at demo.succinct.xyz. This demo uses a zkSNARK Ethereum PoS light client to power a trust-minimized bridge between Goerli and Gnosis Chain. Thread below 🧵

HOPR and credible neutrality 🟰

Jarvis Network is live on Gnosis Chain 😎

Gnosis Chain has over 5K in bounties for ETHSanFrancisco (Nov 4-6) 🌁

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Gnosis Chain 🦉 @gnosischain
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ETHGlobal 🔜 ETHSanFrancisco🌉 @ETHGlobal
The Gnosis Chain is a stable payments EVM blockchain designed for fast and inexpensive transactions. The chain uses a unique dual-token model; xDai is a stable token used for transactions, payments, and fees. 💰@GnosisChain is offering $5,000 up for grabs! https://t.co/ZyVDTJeESW

Data Union DAO surpasses a new milestone on Gnosis Chain 🎉

Gnosis DAOcast with Nethermind 📡

🙏 Praise Reward System

Praise is live on the Gnosis Chain Discord! Praise is a reward system paid in $GNO to incentivize at-home validators. If you’re a validator make sure that you have the ‘Gnosis Chain Validator’ role on the Gnosis Chain Discord. Drop by the #validator channel and ask for the role.

Gnosis DAO

Did you know that anyone can post a GIP on the Gnosis Forum? Join our Discord and we'll show you how. For a full overview, be sure to head over to the forum.

GnosisDAO Forum🦉

GIP-71: Should GnosisDAO support hosted Blockscout explorer for Chiado testnet?

Chiado testnet is an important new part of the Gnosis ecosystem as a developer testnet. A reliable explorer is required for developers to be productive on Gnosis. A Blockscout instance should be set up as soon as possible to support Chiado now and into the future.

Costs for hosting additional instances are $50,000 annually and cover high-capacity bandwidth, infrastructure upgrades, and data storage for the network. Feature enhancements and priority support are also included.

Recent Snapshot Activity ⚡️

GIP-70: Should GnosisDAO pass a Grant Proposal to partner with Gateway.fm? ✅ Passed Quorum Nov 2, 2022

Gateway.fm is a distributed blockchain infrastructure company. Our mission is to provide enterprise-grade blockchain infrastructure at scale, distributed around the world, in a portable way.

Gateway.fm team should be supported with a significant grant of 1mil DAI upfront, 2mil DAI and 20k GNO vested over 3 years allowing us to focus on the Gnosis Chain. The vested GNO should be used for staking on the Gnosis Beacon Chain and should only be able to be sold three years after the agreement is in place.

🏔 of the Week

A few weekly tidbits highlighting regular goings on.

🏘 DAO of the Week: Bankless DAO

Bankless DAO has a vision to make new economies within the web3 space accessible to creatives — providing user-friendly access to work and pay. Right now they achieve their mission by providing a wide variety of ways to contribute to projects and get paid within Bankless DAO or by connecting creatives with other DAOs via their consulting services.

Their DAO organizes into guilds, committees and subdaos as needed to complete projects. From consultant services to bot integrations to translations to newsletters, they have many projects and more on the way.

Learn more and get involved through the Bankless website

Azuro’s Bet of the Week on bookmaker.XYZ

It’s time for the weekly check-in with Azuro Protocol and their first betting front-end, bookmaker.xyz. 

It’s been a crazy week over at XYZ; not only did we wrap up our betting competition, but the finals of the biggest esports event of the year, Dota 2 International 2022. concluded alongside it. With the recent Azuro X Pinnacle partnership, we were able to cover the entire event with over 18 markets for bettors to take advantage of… And advantage they took!

We have to highlight one of our favorite bets from the betting competition AND The International 2022. Our pick goes to one of the teams from the betting competition who collectively bet on Team Hokori to win map 1 on the second day of the tournament against Glamin Gladiators. Hokori came in as underdogs, but their performance on day 1 really showed they were serious contenders. 5 xDAI on odds of 3.68 resulted in an 18.43 xDAI win.. For the entire team! Bold strategy - it’s what we like to see!

With the biggest esports event behind us, it’s now time for the biggest sporting event of the year. The Qatar World Cup 2022 starts on the 20th November, follow the XYZ social media because we're going out with a bang!

🙏 Thank you

Come say hi in the Gnosis Chain Discord. Join us for the next GnosisDAO Community Call on the 10th of November at 5PM CET, GnosisDAO Twitter Spaces.

See you on-chain,
Gnosis Chain Team

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