⚔️ 🦉 Gnosis Chain Weekly · 03 February 2023

February 3, 2023

This week Gnosis Chain hit over 450,000 unique wallet addresses! Deposited validators are clocking in at 114,111. For a full overview of the chains metrics, head over to Gnosis Metrics. D14N measures the Nakamoto Coefficient, a measure of a blockchain networks decentralization, of Gnosis. Robust, reliable and resilient - terms that reflect the integrity of Gnosis Chain where developers build highly automated systems without the high cost of mainnet.

This week was full of updates. Let’s jump into it! 🚀🚀🚀

Gnosis Chain Core Devs Call 🦉

The Gnosis Chain Core Devs weekly call will be published every week. Find the latest below! 👇👇👇

Ecosystem Wednesdays ⛓️

We kicked off the first Gnosis Chain Ecosystem Wednesday with the Beaconchain.eth team and demo of their block explorer! Check out their recent GIP, which passed quorum, proposing to build an explorer for Gnosis Chain. Join us next month on March 1st with Connext!

Shutterized Gnosis Chain 😎

Base layer privacy solutions are coming to Gnosis Chain this year in the form of a shutterized L1. The privacy-by-default approach would be a massive innovation for the network.

Project Updates 👷

Updated Erigon Roadmap

Want a peek into the future for Gnosis Chain? Check out the updated Erigon roadmap!

Monerium X Safe X EURO SEPA ✨

The first compliant EURO SEPA transfer triggered from a Safe transaction on Gnosis Chain was executed this week via Monerium!

Connext Pools! 🚀

@ConnextNetwork is a secure interoperability protocol that allows users to bridge tokens across chains, and developers to create crosschain applications. Connext USDC and ETH pools are live on Gnosis Chain!

Twitter avatar for @gnosischain
Gnosis Chain 🦉 @gnosischain
Twitter avatar for @ConnextNetwork
Connext🐺is Live! @ConnextNetwork
🚨 It's Liquidity Time!⛲ Provide liquidity to help bootstrap the Connext network upgrade before the official launch Thursday. Here's an explanation on how liquidity works under the hood and how to LP. 1/x👇 https://t.co/ZZtHNV8NLi

Unlock Protocol Announcement 🤝🏽

Unlock Protocol is an open source protocol for membership and subscription NFTs! They announced support for email recipients on airdrops and checkout! With this new feature, they aim to make the process of sending airdrops and buying NFTs more accessible to everyone, regardless of their experience or knowledge of web3.

Learn more → here

Reap Onboards Gnosis Chain 🎉

From online payments to expenses management, Reap provides full service support for your web3 business.

Try it out now

Mithraeum Reward Pool

Mithraeum is a fully on-chain strategy game focused on politics and diplomacy. The next round has a 10K xDai reward pool! 👇👇👇

Solo Stakers Corner

Weekly highlights from node runners and solo stakers securing Gnosis Chain!

Stereum Update

Stereum provides at-home stakers with one-click solutions to spin up a node and validate on Gnosis Chain

🙏 Thank you

Come say hello in the Gnosis Chain Discord. Join us for the next GnosisDAO Community Call on Feburary 9th at 4PM UTC / 5PM CET on the GnosisDAO Twitter Spaces.

See you on-chain,
Gnosis Chain Team

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