Free Transactions on Gnosis Chain with Safe{Wallet}!

April 18, 2023

On April 13th, 2023 the Safe team announced that all users on Gnosis Chain can execute sponsored transactions for the next 30 days. Gasless UX is here and 500 Safes were created with over 1,000 transactions relayed in the 24 hours since the announcement was made! The campaign is made possible by Gelato’s 1balance relay system.

Visit to get started! 

Gnosis Chain users can:

  • Create a Safe without paying for gas: Historically, one of the key friction points in creating smart contract accounts has been paying gas fees using a signer wallet. Now, on Gnosis Chain, gas fees will be sponsored and users will not have to pay for gas.
  • Send transactions without paying fees: Users will be able to send transactions without paying for gas fees using the “sponsored by Gnosis Chain” option while executing transactions. This will further reduce the cost and friction associated with using signer wallets (like a metamask or ledger) to pay for gas outside the Safe{Wallet} environment. The Safe team is starting out with a limit of 5 free transactions per hour.

The campaign is part of the Safe teams new Safe{Core} AA stack, a battle-tested and complete AA developer stack. With account abstraction (AA), accounts are represented by smart contracts instead of a single address (like metamask). AA can define custom rules for processing transactions and perform more complex functions like executing conditional transactions, implementing multi-signature schemes, and performing complex computations.

What do you plan to explore with Safe{Wallet} now that there are no additional costs to try it out? Share your experiences and thoughts by writing about them and tweeting @gnosischain or using the hashtag #freesafe for a chance to be featured by our accounts.

Stay SAFE, it’s now FREE! 

Join us in the Gnosis Chain Discord and drop by the #gc-bounties channel to earn GNO for posting photos of your new Gnosis Chain Safe on Twitter! 

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