Agnostic Relay: A Credibly Neutral Tool

November 30, 2022

Agnostic Relay

Fundamental Questions and Building Motivation

In a proof of stake system, a validator is a node responsible for storing data, processing transactions, and adding new blocks to the blockchain. The neutrality of a protocol is permanently undermined if different rules apply for which transaction will be validated. For such a system to be credibly neutral, ensuring unfiltered validation of transactions, all content must be created and treated equally by validators.

A world of open competition is only possible if the networks we use to transact are credibly neutral and resistant to censorship.

Today, the Gnosis community is proud to release the Agnostic Relay, a credibly neutral tool for the Ethereum ecosystem through which any and all transactions may be validated unfiltered on the network. 

Agnostic Relay

Agnostic Relay is an open-source MEV Boost relay available to anyone, anywhere in the world, without prejudice or privilege. It is an ideal relay for block producers and block builders trying to provide neutral features. Agnostic Relay is powered by the know-how and experience of Gnosis communities and contributors.

Agnostic Relay Features:  

  • Credibly neutral block building/producing
  • Permissionless and Open-Source

Agnostic Relay is a fork of Flashbots mev-boost relay. All these works have come together with the deep knowledge and active support of the Flashbot team and everyone who contributed. If you have additional questions, please contact us.

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