Build on Gnosis


Building on Gnosis comes with the familiarity of Solidity and mainnet tooling -- yet it’s cheap, fast, and secured by our community of validators around the world.

Gnosis Chain is community-powered and developer focused

Community Powered, Developer Focused

Gnosis Chain is EVM-based and secured by at-home stakers around the world. Gnosis has all the tooling you are used to and trustless bridges to mainnet soon.

Per 100K Gas
5 Sec
Decentralized and Distributed Graphic
Per 100k Gas

Fully Distributed, Low Fees

Experiment to your heart's content with the full force of decentralization at affordable transaction fees on Gnosis Chain.

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Tools graphic

All the Tools You Know and Love

As builders, we know about the importance of a good tool suite at your disposal. Develop in rapid time - everything from mainnet transposes.

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Carbon negative graphic
Carbon Negative

Decentralization is Important -- and so is the Planet

Build towards a regenerative web3 future on Gnosis Chain knowing that your operations are aligned with your values.

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Rich and Diverse Chain Ecosystem graphic

Rich and Diverse Chain Ecosystem

Where builders and hackers have come to experiment and play coordination games within the Ethereum community. From MOONS to POAPs, Burner Wallets, and paying for food with xDai at Ethereum conferences, Gnosis Chain is a house with many doors with a culture of abundance.

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The DAO Chain graphic

The DAO Chain

DAO tooling on Gnosis Chain allows you to run cross-chain governance mechanisms like proposals, on-chain voting, or treasury management at a fraction of the cost of ETH Mainnet fees.

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